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Athletic women have the most amazing bodies around. This girl for example, has a very, very sexy midsection. You can tell that she’s worked very hard for such a nice flat tummy, and is very good at showing it off. Naked young girls are usually skinny like this, but never so rock hard. I like how she doesn’t let us see her pussy either, she’s giving us everything except the money shot, which adds to the tease factor of just about any photo. For an eighteen year old girl, she’s very good at posing and showing off her curves. You can see more pictures like this at Obsessed With Myself.

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These two girls have the most amazingly fit and skinny bodies you’ll probably ever see. The way they pose is amazing too, accentuating their sexy, petite bodies for you. They have both mastered the art of the self shot picture as well, using just the right angles and poses to get the most out of their sexy physiques. The girl in the purple bikini is particularly lean, with some great hips as well. The girl fresh out of the shower has some amazingly perky tits, the kind that you just want to play with while you’re fucking her! Grab more pics of these amazingly sexy and petite naked young girls from Obsessed With Myself.

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